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i am getting good speeds 932 on the plus speed test but the upload speed is only showing as 288/1152.
now i r teh thickie but the upload is how fast i transmit info say..back to a game server?
if so on a 1 meg con should it not be a bit higher?
i thought it was 1/2 of the download speed btu this is 1/4 ish


All ADSL connections supplied by most ISPs in the UK, are only 256Kb upload.

This does not increase with a upgrade in download speed.


see...i did say thickie Smiley

btw is there a driver update for the modem ?
i got a adsl500
1.03.0022Q-ELD-A (WanUsb) driver
with U51107 firmware
thanks in advance and sorry for the stupid questions Smiley



is it the binatone one your talking about, I am getting a few different hits for the words adsl500

this is one, for the binatone

Where/how to get 512 KBPS Upload speed?? Need Suggestions ..

I am looking for a faster upload (around 512 KBPS) with my 1 MBPS ADSL download speed. Any suggestions regarding service providers in UK will help?? :?:
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ukonline or pay vast amounts of money for sdsl
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You will not find a faster upload than 256kbps on a residential ADSL connection at the moment in the UK, unless it is via an LLU (local loop unbundling) ISP such as Bulldog or SDSL (where the upload and download are the same) which is quite expensive (see prices) and really more suited to businesses at the moment.

PlusNet and all other ISPs (except Hull's Kingston Communications, NTL and Telewest and LLU ISPs) use BT Wholesale's ADSL products to provide ADSL services. BT connect the customers at the exchange and provide the backhaul link from the exchange where the user then goes into the ISP's network. When BT Wholesale increase the upload speed on their wholesale ADSL products which they supply PlusNet and other ISPs with then they will be able to offer a better than 256k upload to their customers.

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Alternatives include using a bonded ADSL, where you have two phone lines and two ADSL subscriptions.

There are two ways of doing that.

1: true bonding, where the lines acts as if they are one.

This is more expensive as it requres hardware at each end to perform the bond.

2: upstream bonding.

This is where only the upstream is bonded, by sending data down the second line, with a source IP of the first line.

You can't bond the downstream this way, but with the right hardware setup, you can ballance the connections, so that over 2 or more connections (impossible with a single connection), you can maximise the throughput.

Nildram and AAISP both do true bonding. Most ISPs will allow the second method to take place, however, some don't due to limitations in the BT leg of the data journey.