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upgrading my account


upgrading my account

Hey all, i have been with Plusnet 2 years now and i'm still on standard broadband at £20.99 a month i think it is. ADSL home self install it was at the time.

I want at least 1mb now, but i have been through the pages and its all very confusing. Download limits updgrade but it appears to be cheaper than what i pay! so is that downgrade? What will it cost? Will i have a download limit? And does download limit include browsing rather than using P2P software?

I really am very confused, can anyone put it across simple please?

Thanks muchly!

upgrading my account

There are 3 basic account types now. Broadband Premier, Broadband Plus & Boradband PAYG.

Broadband PAYG is as it sounds on the tin, a Pay As You Go product. You pay £14.99 a month as a basic fee, which includes 1GB data transfer.

For £1 extra per month, you can include extra data transfer on a pre-pay basic. You can however go over your data trasnfer quota that you purchase, and incure a post-pay fee of £1.25 per extra GB.

There are extra controls available to enable you to set your maximum spend, if you wish to use post-pay, so you remain in control of your use in safety.

This package is unrestricted with the type of data you transfer, and isn't subject to any throttling, with exception of normal network contention. It also features a static IP. Any and all data transfered (up & download, P2P or web) is included in your transfer allowance.

Broadband Plus is a managed package.

You pay a £14.99 basic fee per month and nothing more, but does only feature a dynamic IP.

This product is managed in that traffic is clasified into different priorities. P2P traffic is low priority while web traffic is high.

This product is not suitable for those that wish to make any real use of P2P networks.

Broadband Premier is as it suggests, the daddy of the packages.

It offeres the same features of the PAYG package, with the exception that you don't pay for extra data trasnfer allowance.

The basic package starts from £21.99 per month, with no aditional charges.

upgrading my account

Thanks for that, much clearer

I did then read on another thread however that all PlusNet residential broadband customers will have their lines upgraded from April through the summer to the fastest speed they can support (up to 2Mb). This will be FREE

How can i find out if i will be eligible? and if so have Plusnet issued a schedule? As it would be pointless paying the fee if i will be upgraded soon

Speed test shows:

Actual Speed True Speed (estimated)

Downstream 465 Kbps (58.1 KB/sec) 502 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 244 Kbps (30.5 KB/sec) 263 Kbps (inc. overheads)

upgrading my account

I`m in the same boat as you Taz!! I want to upgrade to a 2Mb connection but don`t wann apay the £15 upgrade fee if my line will be upgraded soon anyway.
PN must have an idea of if/when these upgrades will take place?

upgrading my account

They are in the hands of BT Wholesale sadly.
Got to take the gamble, but if by upgrading, you will save money, I'd pay (as I did Cheesy ) after two months of saving £8 (I downgraded/upgraded from 512k premier to 1Mbs BB+ for my home connection) I reckon that thats covered the fee so I'm happy enough Cheesy Cheesy

upgrading my account

Its weird! Got an email to say thats me upgraded to 2 meg yesterday. How did they know!!

done a speed test as follows:

Actual Speed True Speed(estimated)

Downstream 1884 Kbps (235.5 KB/sec) 2034 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 241 Kbps (30.1 KB/sec) 260 Kbps (inc. overheads)

I notice upstream has no change from my post above is that normal?


Totally normal, upstream will only increase on the 4/8mb service I believe.

Your speeds look good, I hope they remain as fast.

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upgrading my account

Yea, thats standard for 2mb connections and if you are wanting to go 4mb/8mb for upload speed to increase, it will be back end of this year / start of next year before these packages become "retail" as it were.

Like your definition of Premier btw Accar, "daddy of the packages" lol.

upgrading my account

Thanks for that, one other question, i am on a BT line after i moved from a cable connection. How is it possible for that kind of speed to come through a standard phone line then through an extension cable which i could snap with my teeth!?!

Are they just allocating me a load of lines? Even if they are the cable is so so thin!

Re: speed


Your speeds look good, I hope they remain as fast.


Don't like the sound of that! :?