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upgrade email


upgrade email

i have just had second email asking if i want to upgrade to 1mb from my 512,i know that there is too much noise on my line but i thougt what the heck so i tried to upgrade,i got this email 1 week later,
The following comment was added to the ticket
Dear Customer,

Unfortunately your request to upgrade your service has been rejected as the amount of noise your line generates has been measured too high to support the 1 meg and 2 meg products. You will remain on your current account type and i have refunded you the regrade costs.


Keith Hiles
what i want to know is why plusnet keep emailing me and probably others with these upgrade offers when they know my situ with noise on the line,i understand these emails arent sent to just me but probably everyone,its quite annoying,i keep thinking somethings changed with m line and plusnet are letting me know by sending these emails ,guess in futurre i should just ignore them?

upgrade email

This is because PlusNet do not keep a record of lins that have failed for higher speed services, and they do not reoutinly check the capacity of each subscriber.

As such, they simply mailshot possibly interested customers as part of the standard marketing mailshots they perform.