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lo everyone, im unsure of what to do next, im seriously considering "Flex" from Eclipse broadband. im a gamer but i also download alot sometimes, im on easystart standard 512 paying 24.99, i want to be faster, my year was up in january, so what do u guys think? should i stay and upgarde or should i wait ?will everybody pay the same soon? if i get 1 or 2 mg now will the price drop when things change soon? im confused someonr help me out but please no links to the silly charts, thanx
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There are no price drops pending.

Your line may be automatically upgraded to 2Mb from April (subject to your line supporting it), and possibly faster later in the year (again subject to line and exchange supporting it). If you ask for a speed increase now it will cost you £14.99.

The fair use system is planned to be introduced in April where your connect will be charged based on your data transfer and not your speed and your current monthly fee will determin the fair use threashold that will apply - for easystart you have the same threashold as the £21.99 accounts: 30GB peak and 200GB (fo a 2Mb line) off-peak. This is all explained in the fair usage and product announcement emails you received.

I would wait until April when the new products and fair usage has been implemented and then decide what to do.
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By paying a one off admin charge of £15 you can reduce your monthy charge to £21.99 (By coming off EasyStart)

This is only worth concidering if you are going to stay with Plus.Net for over 5 months.