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trnsfer problems


trnsfer problems

Can't help noticing all you guys on here having download problems, I have been having problems since day one(been over a month now), i have been sent around the houses by plusnet, first it was my pc, so i replaced hardrive and all software, then it was the usb modem(sent it back got another), fault still present ,now its my usb hub drawing to much power!!!!!!! i personnally think its bollocks and plusnet cant fix the problem i have now asked for pci modem...anyone had transfers cutting off with this type of modem.

RE: trnsfer problems


I've just read your comments about the USB modem, which you were sent by PlusNet. I also note you are considering the PCI version.

I'm the opposite to yourself. I initially went for the PCI version, but couldn't get it to synch the ADSL line. Its as if the modem doesn't see any connection with the ADSL line.

I've tried it in two different PC's, running different windows versions. I've even removed every card except the video card, just to make sure there were no IRQ conflicts (sometimes windows doesn't report these conflicts correctly).

My line has since been checked by BT, who plugged in their own laptop, USB modem and filters.
All was synch'd up and running in around 15 seconds.

Its now 3 weeks since I first got access to the ADSL line.
My confidence in getting the PCI version to work is rock bottom at the moment, so I have asked for it to be replaced with the USB version (although probably different to the one used by BT).

Your comments have now got me wondering even about the PlusNet USB option. I'll just have to give it a try and keep my fingers crossed.

Best of luck with yours too.


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RE: trnsfer problems

Well first of all Ted it seems like a filter / modem cable problem (could be modem), did the BT guy use the same cable and filter?

P.S. Filters are prone to haveing faults

And for the USB problem all (yes all) ADSL usb modems suck your pc/usb hub dry of power. Fisrt of all unplugg all usb devices and only plug the modem in to the PC (not a hub even if it is powered) then check if you can sync and connect and then try the tranfers that you are having the problems with. You stated in the subject tranfer problems, however you did not once tell us what problems rather then just have a go at