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these speeds any good?


these speeds any good?

I'm on 2mb premier, and for the last few months ive been getting upload and to some extent download speeds which seem a litte poor to me, although I'm a complete internet novice.

When I download a torrtn (legal might I add) the top speed I get is around 220kb, although on average it's 60kb and the uploads speed never exceed 30kb/sec with ports forwarded. So are these speeds go or is something wrong on my end
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these speeds any good?

Remember that 2Mb is BITS and 220kB is BYTES. There are 8 bits to a byte, so your download is almost maxing out at 220kB

Upload is limited to 256k bits, so 30k-ish bytes up is again about all you can expect.

Read some of the other threads about traffic shaping and its effect on torrents at peak times.