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still awaiting activation - how long does it take?


still awaiting activation - how long does it take?

how long do i have to wait for activiation?

tracker says still checking line & someone would email me.

noone emailed so i phoned up after a few days.

i was told i needed to gove a mac code from my current isp which i gave (why wasn't i prompted to do this when signing up?).

this should have moved things on but still same message a few days on.
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still awaiting activation - how long does it take?

Hi there,

I've just called and left the following info in an answerphone message, but I'll answer here too for clarity.

When switching providers, it is necessary to proceed using a MAC key provided by your previous supplier. The signup journey only asks for this MAC key if you follow the route on the website to 'switch' rather than as a new activation. However, if you do signup as a new activation, our systems should identify that a broadband service already exists on your line - which happened in this case.

When there is a problem with the order, we would normally get in touch with you, by phone, to provide you with further information and see if we can progress.

On this occasion, we didn't manage to speak to you by phone so you should be able to see a contact on your account with the further information, and it should also have been emailed to your email address. You can view contacts by going to and clicking "My Questions".

Anyhow, to answer the original question, we'll be placing the order to switch you over today - and this should complete within the next 5 - 7 working days.

The order checker may or may not update with this information, but, if it doesn't - you should be able to see from the contacts on your account as to whether or not the order has been successful.

I'll also keep an eye on things for you to make sure it all goes through smoothly.

Hope that helps clarify things for you - and please accept my apologies for the delay.