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i have only been with plusnet for about a month and this must be the slowest isp ever , i have a 2meg connection and my speed on plusnet speed check 579.9kbits, it feels like a dial up , stop trying to con customer taking a package then offering them S*** service, and when they leave S**** them with the connection charge


Hi there and welcome to the forums.

That is indeed a terribly slow speed for 2mb. To be honest though, it is more likely an issue with your line of BT exchange.

Can you try a BT Speed Test the results of which will point us towards the cause of the problem.

It may also be worth checking to see if your exchange has any problems listed. This can be done vis the Exchange checker.
Bear in mind that with this check, BT are a bit slow at updating the exchange info.

Post back with your results and we'll take it from there.