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speed test results..


speed test results..

service bad all day lost connections... unable to connect several hours this morning.... no sync dropped connections.... and bad slow connections some test results for a .... 2mb......line........?? have done all the usual power down stuff...

Date Speed Achieved (kbps)
07-04-2005 19:34:15 285.3
07-04-2005 18:14:26 315.7
07-04-2005 18:13:55 199.2

and service status says problem fixed.....? is it fixed dont seem like it is here...

this seems to be a problem for me for few days now is it caused by upgrades being done at exchange... seems to have just started happening.....more so this month....

speed test results..


I'd suggest checking the status of your exchange on the Usertools site. If that doesn't shed any light on it, you could run through the Fault Reporting wizard and post the output here.