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speed results


speed results

Traceroute Results:
Traceroute Time (24 Hour): 18:53 to 19:11
Traceroute Duration: 18 minutes
Traceroute Packet Size: 64 bytes
Packetloss in Traceroute?: Yes
Exchange: wallasey
Problem: Permanently Slow Data Transfer (Everything is slow)
Other Problem Experienced: slow upload/download speeds.
Duration of Problem: Since installation
Minimum Speed Achieved On PlusNet Speedtest: 64 kbps
Maximum Speed Achieved On PlusNet Speedtest: 160 kbps
Average Speed Achieved On PlusNet Speedtest: 112 kbps
Account: ADSL Home (Self Install) - 512kb (50:1)
IP Block Size: Single (default)
Ticket Number: None

speed results

Have you tweaked any settings, like MTU? do you get noise on your line?

speed results

Your average pings of 25 seem fine to me.

speed results

IT could just be contention at your exchange since your on 50-1 contention.
could you give more details like what type of divice your connected through such as a usb modem or a conbined ethernet modem/router.

speed results

ok the normal person here wouldnt have a clue about any of the terms you are using and just wants there line to run at the speed they have paid for however luckily i know a little!
we are using a belkin adsl router we have 2 laptops on the line but never both at the same time, the MTU, i dunno what that means! but it is set at the default, and as for the telephone line yes there is a hell of a lot of crackle, so bad that we have to turn the modem off when we are on the phone, i mean without sounding like i`m being funny is this my job to know all this stuff? freeserve never gave me this hassle, they just wouldnt let me use WIFI. my friend is on NTL and he has never got any trouble, he phoned them up to get his line upgraded 10 mins later it was done. it just looks to me as if i`m doing the job of the help desk.....?
all your input is appreciated though so try and help me resolve this problem.
as for my ping.... well it may be 50 but i have done several different speed tests and the best sownstream i ghave ever recieved is 300, i believe this should be around 450, however a friend on a 512kb NTL got 600kbps. not a big deal but if i am not gettin what i am paying for then maybe i should downgrade the line so i pay for a 300 line.

speed results

A few questions,

Do you have a filter on your phone line?
You shouldn't get any noise on the line. I know because I recently had problems with my line where I was getting noise. It turned out that I had a faulty line. Try connecting a corded phone directly into the master(main) socket and if you still get noise then raise a fault call with BT.

MTU, if you don't know what it is, then you won't have changed it.

Plus Net speed test should report back around 470+ for a 512 ADSL Line, it can be higher but it depends on lots of things, like line quality, your telephone exchange etc.

Can I assume your friend on NTL is using a cable based system? If so he will always get a better speed than you, due to the nature of cable based systems.
As for 600Kbps, if the line is 512 then 512 is the max you can get. I've not heard of an ADSL 512 line, actually achiving 512 but there is always a first.

As for the NTL upgrade, if his line is cable then again it's bound to be quicker as far as changes are concered. NTL only serve a small number of people when compared to BT.

speed results

1/ It is impossible to get 600Kbps on a 512k connection.
2/ You should be getting 450k to 480k, depending upon the quality of the line (attenuation & noise).
3/PlusNet are only part of the system , unlike NTL who aslo supply the feed.
BT supply the system between PlusNet and you.
4/You supply the system between the phone master socket and your brain. You have to make sure your house is in order first.

As mentioned, you should have no, or very little, noise on the line. So a faulty extension cable or filter is suspected. Check out these tutorials to look for problems and change the filters. I am afraid, unless you pay for DSL to be installed right into your PC, you (or whoever) will have to go through a steep learning curve.
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speed results


I agree with all you have said, however don't forget that contention can also affect speeds.

As an aside, I detail below recent results from the plusnet speed tester taken here.

Whatever was going on at 11:59 today is odd.

Just a glitch I suppose.

The other speeds are fine and about what I would expect on my 512K 50:1 and vary with contention I guess.

My att and snr margin are the same as normal 48 and 31 respectively.

09-04-2004 12:01:55 494.5
09-04-2004 12:00:32 464.7
09-04-2004 11:59:38 558.4
07-04-2004 19:43:50 424.3
07-04-2004 19:42:58 455.5
07-04-2004 19:42:22 448.2
07-04-2004 19:41:24 458
07-04-2004 19:40:49 461.1
07-04-2004 19:21:20 447.5



speed results

Ohh, I've never managed 558k.

07-04-2004 21:22:05 502.8
29-02-2004 10:53:46 500.4
22-02-2004 11:13:09 516.4
07-02-2004 11:51:08 515.9
06-02-2004 23:18:09 516.2
06-02-2004 18:26:54 531.6
06-02-2004 17:42:01 511.5
07-01-2004 17:39:33 501.9
05-12-2003 23:42:09 506.8
17-10-2003 00:08:39 502.3
17-10-2003 23:51:48 537.7
19-09-2003 14:40:37 499.5
19-09-2003 14:38:34 513.7

Seriously, the PlustNet speed tester is not the most accurate in the world. Trying to wring an extra 2kbps out of a connection is meaningless when the accuracy of the speed test can be 10kbps and more. This applies to all speed testers.

speed results

Broadband Speed Test Results
Results from broadband speed test recorded on Friday, 09 April 2004, 15:29.

Downstream 57 Kbps (7.1 KB/sec) 61 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 113 Kbps (14.1 KB/sec) 122 Kbps (inc. overheads)

'Actual Speed' is the amount of useful data that your connection can transmit/receive per second. The 'True Speed' figure includes an approximation of data overheads (non-useful data) and is estimated to be around 8%. 'True Speed' is for informational purposes only and is not used in any ISP rankings.

NOTE: Your downstream speed result is very low for the type of connection specified (ADSL/RADSL, 512Kbps). We strongly recommend that you check your Internet connection is not being used elsewhere during the test and/or contact your ISP to resolve speed issues you may be experiencing.

here are my test results from ADSL guide, as you can see they are far below what is expected from my line speed.
I need to get an answer from a plus net employee as this really is not acceptable. as for the NTL friend of mine i done the same test on his computer 600 with my own eyes!! yes he is cable based sadly i cant get it in my street yet. i hae tried all your ideas and nothing works. also it drops the line from time to time even though the data light is on. need help guys!!!

speed results


You really need to raise this as a support ticket with PlusNet.
Your line may need to be checked by BT or a Whoosh test by PlusNet.

If you have checked filters and wiring as said before, your line may have a fault. You should not have strong noise on a properly configured and filtered line.

Boes the Belkin router have the facility to show line attentuation, SNR (signal to noise ratio) and packet performance?? If so, post at least the attenuation & SNR.

speed results

If you want a direct answer from Plusnet your better
off raising this in the Customer Feedback forum
where one of the comms team is more likely to see it.
Also raise a ticket via 'Contact Us' for an official response.
There have been a few problems with this routers initial
firmware so it may be worth looking to upgrade it just to
rule out that as the fault.
If you look at the first page of the MTU Tweak topic above,
running DrTCP sometimes has the effect of rebuilding any
corrupt registry keys more of a repair than a tweak.
If you raise a 'Contact Us' ticket you'll be asked to run
through the checks listed by cqg above just to rule things out
at your end, they would also be able to perform a woosh test
to check your line and log a fault with BT.
The crackling noise on the line , could indicate the problem.
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speed results

I agree,

If you have the filters in the right places and your wiring is OK, then it is probably a BT fault.

As previously suggested, have you tried a corded phone direct into the master socket with everything else disconnected?

If the line noise still present?

If so, then it is definately a BT problem... (Faulty line, dodgy master socket etc).

In that case, BT faults is the way to go.

It is still worth raising a contact us ticket to get some help if you still have problems.

I have not tweaked anything in the way of settings (MTU etc) ..

I do however have my router mounted 2ft from the master socket downstairs which has a BT faceplate with 2 sockets on it. One is a standard BT socket for phones all over the place (filtered through the faceplate), and an RG11 socket which the router is plugged into. The router is connected through screened cat 5 cable from a hub upstairs which is in turn connected to the rest of my network. My reason for this is a very local form of interference generated by myself.. (cqg4uzg laughs at this point I suspect).

Withe regards to your friend on NTL getting 600K that is because they offer a 600K service.


Best Regards


speed results

well thanks everyone for your help really going to have to consider a refund from plus net only been with them for about 2 weeks. as i said earlier as soon as i unplug the router the noise goes away, and i was on freeserv before and i had an aqcerage speed of 400k i have done the test on plus net and here are my results

Date Speed Achieved (kbps)
09-04-2004 19:12:33 147.7
09-04-2004 19:11:55 169.5
09-04-2004 19:11:10 219.5
09-04-2004 19:10:36 165.2
09-04-2004 15:38:30 244.2
06-04-2004 19:24:42 307.2
27-03-2004 13:56:02 110.9

i tried changing my dns for the last 3 tests as youcan see they are not any better.
thanks all.

speed results

Sorry, but we keep saying, if the fault is at your end (filters, bad extension) then PlusNet are not liable and are not obliged to give any refund.
If the fault is with the BT line, then again, PlusNet are not directly at fault.

If you migrated from Freeserve DSL and changed nothing at your end apart from the login details, I would suggest this is a configuration error at your exchange by BT. PlusNet can get this checked for you.

You MUST raise a customer support ticket on this. or at least post in the customer feedback section of this forum where PlusNet customer support agents monitor the threads.