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speed issue anomalies


speed issue anomalies

Hi All,
I recently placed a post about connection speed for my 512mb being down a fair bit. I did all the usual things - BT speedtest, mtu tweaks, disable firewall etc - all this had no effect except BT speedcheck said connection was averaging 467mb as against plusnet nets of 399mb.

I thought I best make report to +Net but didn't get round to it as I'm hoping upgrade to 1mb service will resolve matter.
Anyway for some reason tonight I did +Net speedcheck again but used Safari Browser instead of Explorer (I use Apple iMac ) and the speed of connection consistently showed 467mb. Rechecked with Explorer but only showed average of 398mb. How ironic is that!!?

Would welcome any comments or ideas of why this should be.

Me thinks the 'Safari' Browser is must be an altogether superior product.
(don't get to upset with last comment, only meant to be light hearted, and not to kick of some big debate about Macs versus PC's)

Cheers everyone

Andrew Beevers Cheesy Cheesy