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speed at night...


speed at night...

Following on from Alan White's post (I replied to his as well.)...

Welcome to the Broadband revolution!!!

I work from home a couple of days a week and use my ADSL to connect to Citrix servers in the office - it's ninja fast - absolutely brilliant.

Come 5.00pm - Jesus Christ on a broomstick - it is SOOOO SLLOOOWWW. I'm up quite late and I would've thought that it would get better as the masses went to bed but it doesn't really speed up until 12.30-1.00am. I wouldn't say it is worse than the old modem speed I got with Freeserve but at night it's not that much better. Saturday/Sunday afternoons are slow too.

I downloaded something the other night and it slowed right down to 3.6 (on the little download box) - I thought then that "this is slower than modem" and promptly stopped it. Set it going again around 1.00am and it downloaded at around 48.0 - very fast and very happy.

Is this BT, Plusnet or my exchange fault?

I don't know how to do speed tests so I can't confirm download/upload speeds

speed at night... is the site i goto or click on this and it will take you straight to it

I have done 5 tests from this site and have posted them on today plz do 5 tests and post em on.

RE: speed at night...

I also think that something happens around 5pm because that is when my speed drops dramtically.
Just done a speedtest the now (18:4Cool on ADSLguide and here are the results:

Downstream 70 Kbps (8.8 KB/sec) 80 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 73 Kbps (9.1 KB/sec) 83 Kbps (inc. overheads)

Ass you can see these are NO WHERE NEAR boradband speeds and are more applicable to a modem.

RE: speed at night...

>I wonder if this is due to continental USA coming on line (businesses) generally slowing the Internet down ? 5pm - 9 hours (westcoast USA) = 9 am, i.e. time to start work in California etc.

By the same logic, then when they finish work at say 6pm (from 3 am onwards in UK time) things should speed up.

Question : is it any quicker in the morning /

RE: speed at night...

Try and run tests on your connection speed. Also, this site is pretty interesting as it gives you an overview of Worldwide Internet usage in graphical form.