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slower adsl? D:


slower adsl? D:


erm my friend wants to get adsl but it appears 512 is out of reach is there anyway he can get slower adsl like tascali offers :?

he wants to go with plusnet but is unable to find the package

thanks for your help

slower adsl? D:

Packages [provided at speeds under 512Kbps are done using trottleing on the connection.

This means the link will only allow a smaller amount of data than is actualy assigned to the line.

As such, you need to be able to get 512Kbps to get the slower speeds.
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slower adsl? D:

They may have to wait until the extended reach testing is completed in Milton Keynes. This extends the current max of 5.5->7KM to about 10KM.

When this will be generally available I don't know.

The only other option is cable if that is available in the street.
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slower adsl? D:

I am no great knowledgeable chap on the ADSL scene but from what I have read before here and on other forums like ADSLGuide I have heard the same reply given to that sort of question Wink - and these guys know their stuff Cheesy so it must be the correct answer. Since Tiscali throttle a 512kbit/sec connection to offer the 150k and 256k services it means that it will offer no distance advantages over a standard 512kbit/sec connection ADSL line.

As petervaughan says, trials are currently under way in Milton keynes so I would wait and see how they go and hopefully BT Wholesale will soon extend the reach of their 512k home product to enable you to receive it and have a reliable connection.

Good luck,
matt Wink