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slow to connect to ADSL


slow to connect to ADSL

I run Windows ME and use a Conexant ADSL PCI takes 1 minute and 9 seconds to connect everytime!........why so long?.... It seems to use the same features as Dialup Networking with the loggin in screen? .....Ive even deleted all in the Dialup Networking options., but still reverts to this method....I trialled XP and it connects in seconds, but will be sticking with ME for a while longer.....any sugestions apart from using XP!
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RE: slow to connect to ADSL

Just got connected myself, also using Me and Conexant PCI modem. It takes me exactly the same time to logon - 6 seconds for verifying name and password and the rest to logon to network. Queried it with Plusnet and they say it is normal for it to take up to 2 mins! Speed is good once logged on but the time to logon does seem excessive. Does anybody have any comments?