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slow speed


slow speed


iv'e been using adsl for the last 4 months now, everything was fast and smooth, but in the last 3 days, the speed has dropped lots, very very poor ping timing, any websites i tried to loading, it take around 2 or 3 seconds before actual download but in slow speed.

now before u all ask if i've change any setting. nope, havent touch anything.

is plusnet having problem or what?


slow speed

There was a MSO (Major Service Outage) on the BT platform on Monday.

This caused major service issues both on the connect platform, and some issues on DSL.

Towards the evening, these issues seem to have filtered into the rest of the +net DSL platform, however this is now understood to be rectified.

Have you tried the +Net network optimiser (Available by clicking "Customer support" on the left, then "Network optimiser" on thr right)?

You can also try physicaly disconnecting your DSL modem/router (with a modem it would also be wise to shutdown the computer) from the phone line, for a minimum of 35 mins.

This should reset the line card (or at least the session assigning your linecard) at the exchange, and may provide relief.

If this still fails, +Net have advised in the service status pasges, that you should raise a contact us ticket if the issues persist.