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slow speed on 1mb?


slow speed on 1mb?


i am having a problem this morning with my speed on my 1mb adsl service.

the speed hs dropped of and my average line speed tests are only 150kbps!

i telephoned the customer support line earlier and spoke to alex crosby and he has confirmed my telephone call by raising a ticket number 14929902.

he said before he can do anything i had to check 2 different websites i must try before i can raise a ticket myself to confirm that there is a fault on the line. i have tried the sites i was given but cant get into them. would some one be able to give , to give me the links i need to follow? the websites i was told to try are listed below.

the eu to run bt speedtester

the other was ino on

cheers an advance for any help anyone can give me and any advice would be welcome as this is the first time i have had to use the forum.

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slow speed on 1mb?

Getting the same problem so looks like its a bit more widespread probably find a pipe has crashed again
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slow speed on 1mb?

hi adp450!

cheers for that info which i think was bang on as lm speed has also just bounced back up to normal super fast a few minutes agoHuhHuh?

cheers anyway for the post and info!