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setup modem questions...


setup modem questions...

i just got a new modem to use on a new wireless network im going to shortly set up... the manual is a tad rubbish, and was wondering on the following things

i need to choose an 'encapsulation' - from either:

* RFC 2364 PPoA
*RFC 1483Bridged
*RFC 2516 PPoE
* Bridged mode only

no idea what these are at all and cant see on the web site....

next, multiplexing??

"LLC" or "VC" Huh

once i got answers to these i can go about sorting things, but as am slightly new to these things was hoping someone would be able to assist.

Thanks guys, Richard
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setup modem questions...

you should select:
RFC 2364 PPoA

here is a list of the general settings

Essential Connection details
Password Your usual PlusNet password
Data Circuit Information VPI = 0 (Virtual Path Identifier)
VCI = 38 (Virtual Channel Identifier)

Data Link Encapsulation PPPoA
PPP Properties VC Multiplexed

hope this helps
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setup modem questions...

And modulation= G.DMT