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setting up


setting up

can you please tell me the following to install
1/connection type= ?
2/ ip assigned by isp- yes or no
3/vpi/vci= ?
4/ encapsulation= ?
5/mtu = ?
regards mike mcguire

setting up


Have you checked out this guide?

1/ Not too sure about this option on your router - what make/model are you using?

2/Either, may as well leave as Yes [or auto]
3/VPI=0 VCI=38
5/ I use 1458 without any problems, but people have varying opinions on the best to use.
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setting up

Hopefully the settings here will help you set this up, I can see you have also had a reply with the settings and a link but here is the list direct from the help site

Password Your usual PlusNet password
Data Circuit Information

VPI = 0 (Virtual Path Identifier)
VCI = 38 (Virtual Channel Identifier)
Data Link Encapsulation PPPoA
PPP Properties VC Multiplexed

These can also be found at the following page
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 Chris Parr
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