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setting up new account on Mac OS X


setting up new account on Mac OS X

I am having problems setting up my plus net ASDL account on my Mac.
As neither plus net or Binatone, the maufacturer of the modem offer any support to Mac users, I wonder if anyone else can help me?
The problems arise when I try to set up my ASDL account details in the network system prefferences. No matter how many different ways I enter the info it doesnt work, I dont think there are any hardware problems and the modem driver seems to have installed fine.
So I figure I am doing something wrong.
Anyone know of anywhere I can find a step by step guide for connecting with an ASDL account on OS X?
And does anyone know why it only gives you the option of a PPoE connection when Plus net say it should be PPoA?
Any advice much appreciated, seems odd that plus net advertise their ADSL as being OS X compatible but offer no support to Mac users?!

setting up new account on Mac OS X

There appear to be two versions of this modem.
If you have the one with the three lights on top,
then after installation you should get an Icon on
your desktop, which you open.
If you don't get the Icon then to get to the settings,
your supposed to type in your browser.
Here you can choose : RFC2364PPPOA, VCI = 0, VPI =38.
( or, whichever applicable)
and password, manual connect.
If the modem is different to above then when installing
the cd, under communication settings, you get the above PPPOA option and VPI / VCI options to set during install of

setting up new account on Mac OS X

As a fellow OSX user who is thinking of giving a PlusNet ADSL package a try, I'd be very interested to know if you manage to sort this out & if the USB modem works okay in the end.


setting up new account on Mac OS X

Sorry, VPI = 0, VCI = 38 Shockedops:
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setting up new account in Mac OSX

Had problems with supplied modem/OS X myself
When I upgraded to Panther - NO WAY !!
Invested in Netgear DM 602 Modem/Router - absolutely no probs whatsoever
Hope this helps

setting up new account on Mac OS X

I dont know whether this will help but it might do so here goes

I have one of the old 2 light Binatone Modems. Both Windows XP and Mac OS X expect broadband connections to be over PPPoE (with username and password) rather than any other way.

I'd been trying to find a way to get fool XP into thinking I was connecting using this method, and have managed to do so, using a 'bridged' connection. This makes XP think the old Binatone Modem is a network device rather than a dial up device and then allows the 'I connecting using Broadband' option in XP to work properly. So far I have had no problems using this method.

The communication setting in the Binatone Driver setup to achive this is 'RFC 1483 IPoATM Bridged LLC Encapsulation' all other settings are the same.

Whether this would work for Mac OS X or not I dont know