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seems strange (constant dissconnections)


seems strange (constant dissconnections)

that a lot of people on here are complaining about constant dissconnections and its all put down to faulty wiring well I've been suffering the same prob for a while now, but whats the point in putting a ticket up for it when all they do is tell you this and that about wiring and giving you links to tutorials. Been with plusnet for 2 yaers now never had this prob and I've changed filters and modems. Think my 2 years might be the last of them.

seems strange (constant dissconnections)

Why shouldn't they ask you to check your wiring?

My computer works faultess all the time. However, when it goes, I don't blame anybody else until I can confirm it isn't a part in the computer.

Just because it gives you faultless service, it doesn't mean it will remain that way.

It is much cheaper to spend £10 on replacing wiring and filters, than it is to pay BT £50 for the No Fault Found callout. Even then, you still havn't found the cause.
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seems strange (constant dissconnections)

It may be a big co-incidence that several different problems have effected different users over the past 2->3 weeks (or longer). Also the numbers here are probably in the 10's or 20s which considering how many customers PlusNet have is quite small. While it is true we don't know how many have just gone throug the ticket route, the fact that the mesage board is not swamped with complaints about disconnections may be these are isolated cases rather than a trend.

Some have found bad wiring, some had bad filters, some solved the problem with firmware upgrades, some had bad equipment or suffered from USB power issues, for some it went away, others (possibly most I don't know) may still have a problem but are not reporting back here.

Line conditions can vary throughout the year and can degrade over time, local wiring can be effected, cables can go faulty, as can BT changing/upgrading equipment at various exchanges. PlusNet are only one small part of the overall picture, the majority of the problems have been caused by local or BT conditions and some have been PlusNets fault but they do tend to be a small number overall.

Identifying the cause of line drops is probably one of the most difficult to investigate due to the sheer number of variations of interconnections and equipment that exist from your PC to PlusNet - and it is only the last small part when you enter PlusNet network that they actually have any responsibility or control over. It is often a process of elimination and that always starts at your end. While it may appear that PlusNet are 'passing the buck' it is in no small part due to experience on their part in knowing the likelyhood of the problem being with them is quite near the bottom of the list. So they natually start with the most likely cause being something in your home. Only when you are sure it is not 'self inflicked' that they can do further investigations within their own network and with BT.

One thing to be aware of, if it turns out to be a BT issue or a local issues in your house/PC, any ISP you move to will produce the same problem due to the fact that it's not the ISP at fault in the first place. You pays your money and you takes your chance so if you do move, good luck.

norton internet security 2003

I was having numerous disconnections for at least a week a few weeks back and i raised a ticket. I ended up sorting the problem out (i was losing sync at least a dozen times in a hour and then it would reconnect as quickly as my pci modem would allow ((10seconds).

At first i thought it was the pre release version of service pack 2 for windows xp that i put on a few days before. I removed it with system restore and all was fine for 48hours or so, so i closed the ticket and informed plusnet that i'd sorted the problem out.

I was wrong after day or so i did a live-update of norton internet security 2003 and my problems suddenly reappeared. Needless to say i removed norton and replaced it with the trustworthy Sygate Personal Firewall and i now use the free version of AVG anti virus. Since then all has been well in the world of plus net ADSL.

I hope my story helps someone else figure out whats going on with there connection. Isn't it funny though that norton started playing up a few months after they released the 2004 version :twisted:


connection probs

i am loosing connection at least once a day. the router needs turning off & on. i have replaced the splitter, the cable also serves a fax which works fine & has done for 15 months. when it works it's fine. the usual lights remain on on the solwise 110 router.

similar to these other comments it has been the last three weeks we have had this problem. please advise.
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seems strange (constant dissconnections)


We've seen quite a few similar problems with the Solwise router over the past couple of weeks. For most people a firmware update to the latest version resolves the problem, the links are below (please be careful if updating the firmware, it is at your own risk).


How to:
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seems strange (constant dissconnections)

minor thing but missed by lots of people, cable damage due to animals. Its Spring so normally inactive mice/rats etc are now active and looking for something to chew on, phone/Cat5 cabling is just at the right height for them along skirting boards. So time to check your cabling for damage if your in a green belt or in the country.

I got that near enough every year where I used to live, so once my then 56k got to be a problem it was time to check for damage, 50% of the time there was damage during march too mid may.
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