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roll out time confusion


roll out time confusion

I recently noticed that the published PDF (look in Tutorials & FAQ forum to find it) by PN states my exchange is/was due for an upgrade in May. Whilst waiting for the 31st of May, or my connection to re-sync at a new speed, I was looking around and saw that the usertools exchange checker states DSLAM upgrades to be done in June/July (there are 2 DSLAMs). Confused by this, I checked on an independant website (, which told me there was no planned DSLAM upgrade. Even more confusing. So I had a chat with a BT Engineer friend of mine, who said he thought that it should be May. A little reassurance there, so I called CS & spoke to Mark. He also said May.
Just for all of you that merely skip text (like me), heres a summary:
Info From - Upgrade Schedule - Last Update
PDF - May - 24/02/05
Usertools - June/July - 11/04/05
Samknows - What Upgrade? - 28/04/05
Mark @ CS - May - 28/02/05
Engineer Friend - May - 08/05/05

I'm inclined to believe that my connection will be upgraded in May, although which day in May, no-one can gurantee. What happens to users who don't have the other possible resources to find out dates?

Another reason I called CS was to find out exactly what I'm paying for, and what my account is marked for, when the upgrade is complete. I found that I'm paying enough to be upgraded to the 'Up to 4mbit' Premier account. Not bad for a free upgrade! However, I was told that I would not get 4Mbit ADSL immediately (and I suspect that I wouldn't get that until Sept, if I get it before then, count me in as part of the happy bunny brigade).

Mark also told me that if I chose to request an upgrade, I would merely have to pay the balance on my deferred setup charges (£5.50 per month for the rainder of my contract). I'm also considering 'downgrading' from my Premier 1Mbit ADSL (by paying the remainder of my setup fee) to the 'Up to 2Mbit' Premier account. I say downgrade, because the speed could be higher, but the cost would be reduced. Then, when the 'Up to 4Mbit' Premier account is actually available to me, request an upgrade (which if the old policy is still valid, I understand is a free upgrade as I will end up paying PN more than I would on the 2Mbit account).

I hope a summary of my personal situation helps clarify for some users. Smiley

roll out time confusion

The PDF is sorted by month, then by name. So many people stopped at the first sign of their exchange in the list, and didn't realise that there could be 4 or 5 others further down the page.

The Usertools checker just uses this PDF information, so that people can get the detail from a single page.

The Samknows website does not include the free regrade information at all, hence the reason for no date found on that website.

Can i ask what exchange you are on, and I will look into why Usertools shows June/July.

roll out time confusion

Llandudno, WNLLD I believe is the code.

roll out time confusion

Can I ask where in the PDF you found the May result?

Checking with the PDF and the usertools checker results in the correct results of June & July.

roll out time confusion

I can't remember exactly where in the PDF, but I did search for strings on both "Llandudno" and "WNLLD", all I could see is may. If it's been set back to June/July then why would Mark @ Customer Services also say May?

roll out time confusion

There is only one PDF available, so I am looking at exactly the same data as you. The Usertools checker is based on the data of the original PDF.

Can you check again?

Llanddudno & Aberconwy where two of the exchanges I first checked when the PDF was published, due to knowing people in the area (used to live in Conwy).

I can confirm they where for June/July then (Aberconwy being partialy subtendered off Llandudno, meaning the same upgrade times, roughtly).

I can't vouch for what Mark in CS said, but I have looked through all 27 and a bit pages of the PDF for may, and can't see Llandudno listed.

As a final note, I reimported all the data from the PDF into the exchange checker again tonight, and the checksums match. In plain English, they are the same sets of data.

how can I tell which DSLAM ID I'm on?

Hi there,

There are apparently four DSLAMs at Euston (my exchange):
L-EUS-ADSL-101 --- done in April
L/EUS_DSL_102 --- set for May
L-EUS-ADSL-1 --- set for July
L-EUS-ADSL-2 --- set for July

How can I tell which one I am on (although I have a hunch it's not the first, as my speed is still 512, nor the second, as that seems to be the DSL part) ?


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roll out time confusion

You cant find out which DSLAM your on within your exchange unfortunately Rob its just a case of waiting

im in a similar position of having three DSLAM`s in my exchange listed april may and june
as april has now passed im hoping it will be may

roll out time confusion

Bt aren't moving too quickly on this anyway (Surprise,surprise). My exchange only has 1 DSLAM and was supposed to be done in april.......still waiting.