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remote access server2003 SBS


remote access server2003 SBS

Has anyone set up a remote access via the web from server 2003 and or exchange 2003 if so how is it done Huh

Its enabled in the software so what do I do know

A server2003 newbie non it manager but knows how to send an email so my tight director rekons I know how to do everything with a computer !!!! rather than hire a it support chap

Server has broadband connection I need to allow mobile users access from home to exchange at least and one or 2 people access to the network from home

remote access server2003 SBS

Exchange is fairley simple as user log onto to get there mail via a web interface. If you are using a router then you have to forward port 80 to the server in question.

The rest depends how and for what.
What do you want these people to do when they log on?

People could log on via terminal server connection which would be like using the server at work, they could print out at work and send recieve mail map network drives etc.

You could also setup a VPN connection which may be difficult depending on the router etc.

Server 2003 Remote connection

my domain is hosted by fasthost on the office side mail is deliverd via pop3 to exchange server port 80 is already used for internet access via the router
do I need to know my fixed ip to find the server ?
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remote access server2003 SBS

The simple method of letting mobile users get to their Exchange mail box.

1. Set up IIS and Exchange webmail. You can test this internally by pointing a browser at http://server-ip-address/Exchange

2. At your router, forward incoming port 80 traffic to the Exchange servers IP. Note this has nothing to do with outgoing web browsing from the office.
3. Your mobile users can now access their mail using http://router-ip-address/Exchange. router-ip-address is the public static ip.
You can make it more friendly by registering the routers ip in DNS or adding an entry to your mobile users hosts file.
This will work but is not at all secure. I do not recommend it.

Alternatively set up a VPN remote access server and your users can access their mail and other network resources securely. Server 2003 has everything you need to create a VPN RAS server in the box. However using a VPN hardware server would provide a more reliable solution. Either way it would probably be less expensive in terms of your time to hire someone in.

The only advice I can give your boss is that if you need it to work stop looking at the bottom line and get it done properly. The support costs of an inappropriate solution pretty much always works out more expensive than hiring a professional.


remote access server2003 SBS

Thanks all

and my sentiments exactly matt but these are hard times !!!! he says driving of in his top of the range merc !!!! Bosses cant live with them cant kill them LOL

I do have someone who does look after the system however I not sure I trust him. time will tell

Oh by the way you will have notice MS are giving away 5 free cal license pack for anyone with SBS 2003 just thought Id tell ya if you didnt know go to the MS website and order your's or your customer's (brownie points) my man didnt spot that one !!!!