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regrade problem


regrade problem

Can someone please advise to what all this means.

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P&F - DSL Provisioning Dear Customer,

Unfortunately BT have rejected your upgrade to 1Mb due to line length/quality - I have now refunded your regrade fee which should appear in your account within the next 3 working days.

Kind Regards,

Customer Support. Closed
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We would like to inform you that your Contact Us Ticket ID [ 13409838 ] has now been returned to the BOT - Regrades Due pool. A member of our Support Team will investigate your issue as soon as possible. Closed

Had hoped to regrade to 1mb like lots of other people so therefore expected delays. Waited with great anticipation until 14th then I get the above quoted replies.
The first suggests I can't get 1 mb service therefore will get upgrade fee back. then the next day get reply suggesting it will go to bot - Regrades Due Pool (thought I'd already been there )

What does this all mean ? Have BT rejected because they haven't upgraded my exchange yet - I live about 3.5 miles from exchange maximum ok with 512k. Is there anything I can do to get BT to look into this further?

Sorry to sound like a complete twit but I find it difficult to understand what is going on, Can anyone offer any advice please?

Andrew beevers

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regrade problem

The first part of the message is saying that due to line conditions, (probably noise as you are not that far away from the exchange) it will not work at 1meg. But I am not sure what the second part of the message means.