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random disconnection when downloading..


random disconnection when downloading..


erm for the last few months i get randonly disconnected (well lose sync) on my adsl pci modem, theres no pattern i just randomly lose sync when downloading.

thx for help (in advance Wink )

extra notes: this is not of p2p networks - this downloading from websites)
i own a pci conexant ads modem provided by plusnet.
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random disconnection when downloading..

Are you using a download manager? as it doesn't just need p2p to flood a modem out of sync.

Otherwise could be lack of basic system resources or driver related.

That modem needs a certain amount of pc power/grunt to run well, so if you have a few applications running in the bachground then it will struggle in getting priority for the CPU.

Same if your PC in general is slowing down, you might need to clear out any unused applications; defrag the hard drives

Might be time to reinstall the drivers, I found with my backup pci modem that it was prone to the drivers or required files being removed or updated with incompatable versions when installing other applications, so maybe time to reinstall it.
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random disconnection when downloading..


If it only happens when downloading I'd also check if there are any idle disconnect times set. Internet Explorer for example might not be counting the download as being active and disconnect the connection if you aren't watching it.

random disconnection when downloading..

erm firstly if my pc was being strained (best way to put it) then i wud time out while playing online games - also ive check there r no idle disconnection settings enabled, i dont use download managers either.

random disconnection when downloading..

oh and addition to that reply i forgot to add that ive .40(.40 updated) .50,.74 drivers and ive had this problem with all of them

umm ive got my firewall set to "paranoid - block all incoming traffic" cud this be related to me losing sync while downloading?

random disconnection when downloading..

Do you have any problems with your line, like noise when using the telephone etc. ? Have you go the latest drivers for the modem?

What speeds are you getting?
Is there any pattern to these disconnections?