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"Trial new version of broadband network" - implica

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Registered: 04-08-2007

"Trial new version of broadband network" - implica

I have had an email from PlusNet Customer Support informing me that I am invited to "trial a new version of our broadband network".

Brief history of my broadband experience: I initally purchased a 1Mbps fixed product; I got a free upgrade to 2Mbps fixed which worked just fine; I then got another free upgrade to "upto" 8Mps which in common with lots of others was a complete disaster and far inferior to my 2Mbps connection; I was then reverted to a fixed speed product but had to drop back to 1Mbps because PN said that BT had changed the rules and couldn't supply 2Mbps anymore on lines with "downstream line attenuation above 43dB" and thats where I am today - rock solid fixed 1Mbps with no latency on a line with 42.1dB downstream attenuation today. For my internet use this is fine, although occasionally faster downloads would be nice.

So my questions are - what is this trial? is it a new form of "upto 8Mbps"? if so, what changes have BT made to suggest it will perform any better than the current version? what will be the changes to my connection settings? will I be able to revert to my current settings if the trial fails?


The email received reads:

This email invites you to trial a new version of our broadband network.

In our "Plans for 2007" (see link below) we talked about how we intend to provide our broadband services in the future. This trial is the first step towards implementing our next-generation broadband platform.

We are working closely with our new BT colleagues to develop this next-generation broadband platform. This new platform will enable us to offer you a range of enhanced services and ultimately an even better broadband experience in the future.

Trial our alternative network!
In the next few weeks we'll be enabling access for you to try out the current implementation of our next-generation network. A simple change to your connection settings will be all you need to do.

"Trial new version of broadband network" - implica

Locked in favour of the ongoing thread discussing this trial.

You can find the thread here