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"Easy Start" + networking


"Easy Start" + networking


(I've moved this message from another thread, on advise of moderator - apologies for repeat! Smiley)

I am very tempted by the current adsl offer (free modem and instalation) - but there is no option of a router. I still think it will save me money to do it this way though - but I really, really, really want to network my PC (and lappie) to my son's PC in his bedroom, so that we can surf at the same time - but I don't have a clue what to do!

This would be a good first step though, wouldn't it? Getting the broadband in and then working from there?

Tell me it is. I have this urge to click that "upgrade" button.

Decisions, decisions .......


PS *When* I get in the adsl (with the modem for starters) - can I use broadband on my PC and laptop, without networking? Can I plug my son in too, when I'm not using it?? This is all very complicated it seems. Basically, what I would like would be to wave my magic wand and have it all done! Thank you.
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"Easy Start" + networking

Heh... thanks for opening the new thread. Just makes the forums a bit more orderly. Smiley

Anyway, seeing as you really want a router, you do actually have a couple of options open to you. One is to get something like ADSL Home Standard, but with the router option ("Advanced" as they call it). You can have the router and activation spread over 12 months, so you end up paying £0.00 at the outset, £33.79 per month once you're activated for the first 12 months, then £21.99 per month after that. Futhermore, if you really want the spam/virus protection, you can purchase that as part of the PlusNet Security package.
Your second option, which is more expensive but simpler, is to just get EasyStart 1MB, at £44.99 per month.

Regarding the "postscript", you can install a USB modem into as many devices as you want, then "hot swap" it between those devices... just remember that you can only have one plugged into the phone line at any one time.