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"Cannot find server"?


"Cannot find server"?

Over the last few days, when I click on a link to open a new website, it takes quite a while before giving me the "cannot find server" error page. But if I refresh the page, it loads ok. Does anybody have any idea what might be causing this? Is it my computer, my router, or the broadband service?
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"Cannot find server"?

If you have a firewall, try disabling it and see if the problem stops. If it does, it could be the firewall config at fault.

Add the plusnet DNS servers to your firewalls trusted zone. This is sometimes necessary.

Try alternate PlusNet DNS servers:

configure windows TCP/IP to use all 4 DNS servers ( & you will currently be using).

Also try reversing the primary & secondary so 6.10 or 13.50 is primary DNS and 6.9 & 13.49 is secondary.