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"Awaiting Support Team Answer" infinitum


"Awaiting Support Team Answer" infinitum

Having given notice to cancel my account on 10th August (ID 20036073) I expected to return from holiday on 10th September to find my service terminated.
Sadly I found that another quarter's subscription had been extracted from my account on the 10th Sept.

Raising a query with customer support revealed that they had closed the original question topic without actionning it.

Queries relating to billing can't be dealt with on the phone (even if you were prepared to wait more than an hour) and three days after raising the issue with the support team I'm still 'awaiting support team answer'......

Who do I contact to sort this out?

Just cancel my service and let me go to another ISP please!

"Awaiting Support Team Answer" infinitum

Apparently, the notice period is from when you give notice, rather than when they action it, so as long as there are no outstanding payments for deferred activation/hardware, I reckon you ought to get a refund for the extra subs you have paid.

The 30 days notice will apply from when you made your cancellation request, not from the time at which we initiate it.

The thread in question is here

As far as, who do you contact, All you can do really is raise another ticket if the previous one has been closed.
Make sure you reference the old ticket, and make it clear that the notice period starts from when you raised the original ticket, and that you will be expecting a refund for any extra they have charged you. This is assuming there is no further payments to be made, which PN should confirm in response to a ticket requesting cancellation.

"Awaiting Support Team Answer" infinitum

5 days on and still nothing from supportHuh
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"Awaiting Support Team Answer" infinitum

Try sending an email to quoting your ticket number. Tell them how long your ticket's been in and that you've had no response and ask them to action it.

"Awaiting Support Team Answer" infinitum

Thanks for your suggestion - I'll give it a try.