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quick fire Q (edited to make more sense)

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quick fire Q (edited to make more sense)

EDIT : this post was really badly worded Shockedops: and got no replies :?

I am unsure what my limits are for downloading.
Sometimes i download tonnes of stuff - one month i downloaded 37GB - which i thought was amazing, back in the bad old days that would have taken months of solid downloading.

Im on BB Premiere 2mb.. aint makin much sense to me as warning email and peak time management columns say the same thing - was that a typo? or does it mean that both those thing hapen at the same time?

i dont think i will ever get anywhere near 100Gb its the 30Gb thing that worrying me, if i hit 30Gb on peak time do i get
1) Warning email
2) Peak-time management
3) 24/7 management
all at once

cos i could hit 30Gb with my eyes closed Tongue
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quick fire Q (edited to make more sense)

ok will try and explain this!

In general:

if you go over the 30 gig peak or 100gig anytime twice in three months you will be emailed to ask you to cut back

if you go over both the 30gig peak and 100gig anytime twice in 6months or you get 3 warnings in 6months then you get peak time management for 1 month for p2p etc traffic only

if you go over the 30 gig peak and 150 gig anytime twice in 6months or you get put on management 3 times in 6months you get put on 24/7 management on all traffic


for P2P / Usenet / FTP ONLY

You can download up to 20gig at full speed
the next 5 gig (20-25gig) at 512kbps (level 1)
the next 5 gig (25-30gig)at 256kbps (level 2)
the next 5 gig (30-35 gig) at 128kbps (level 3)
35+ at 64kbps (level 4)

quick fire Q (edited to make more sense)

Hi jabb0

Hope this makes sense. I know what I mean, but explaining it is a different kettle of fish Smiley

30 GB peak will simply generate a warning email

30GB Peak AND 100 GB anytime will result in peaktime management.

Go over that and your stuffed. Smiley

So 30GB shouldnt cause you much hassle other than a bit of a slap on the wrist. However you dont want to get warned twice in 3 months or they will not be happy and you will be managed.

If you wont use as much as 100 GB and can schedule most of that for off peak leaving say 20Gb on peak you should have no hassles.

Make any sense? Hope so.