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I'm having difficulty connecting to and am trying to figure out where the problem lies. The website is active, so it's not a case of their server being down. And I can access it from PC's using a different ISP.

I can get it to connect if I change my routers DNS setting from 'automatically get from ISP' and manually put in a public DNS server, so I think the problem lies with the Plusnet DNS - but my techie knowledge is a bit lacking, so this may be incorrect.

Does anyone else have this problem?

I cant ping it nore can i get the webpage up and I am using opendns for dns. It resolves the ip to so its not a dns issue.
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It is not responding to any requests on port 80 so it looks like the webserver it is on is having problems or the website is down.
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I don't think it's a problem with their site as adding the following to my hosts file allows me to get to the site, so their server certainly isn't down:

If I remove that from the hosts file then ping just reports an unknown host whereas ping results in the usual stats. To my limited understanding of things, doesn't that mean it's failing to resove the address somewhere - so that suggest the nameservers, yes?

I could be talking rubbish, mind.
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I have one of PN's DNS as my prefered servers, with one of the OpenDNS servers as a fail over.
If I try to open "", after some time I get "Could not connect to remote server", where I would expect to see the default OpenDNS error page instead!

So I tried it using a web proxy and found the site opened fine.
Therefore I can only assume it is something regarding the IP range that we use being blocked by them.

Try this link using a proxy >

*EDIT* Regarding the IP range;
I am on the range.