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price for adsl.....


price for adsl.....

i use adsl for £18.99 every months so now i can see your website its £14.99, i would like change from £18.99 to £14.99?

i use for near 2 years so im very grateful if anyone tell me.
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price for adsl.....

Just raise a contact us ticket (see contact us link on left) and request the change.

Use the following route through contact us:

• Account Changes - Upgrade, Downgrade, Cancellations & Moving House
• Upgrade my account
• My account cannot be upgraded using the Portal upgrade process
• Upgrade my existing Broadband account (Changing your account)

Then select what type of upgrade you want - in your case it's probably@

• Upgrade without speed / contention change (e.g. ADSL Home > Broadband Home)

You then need to specify what product you want to change to (ADSL speed and whether a capped or premier option). You then pay the necessary fee to change your product (£14.99 or £24.99) and PlusNet will do the rest.

price for adsl.....

im not sure what i do with this. i would like change to broadband MB1(£14.99) from my adsl home surf (£18.99).

is it correct?

what i do, my account, connection settings, upgrade account. that i change to £14.99 from old £18.99 so do i have to put my details, email, so on again?

if yes, then ok ill carry on BUT do i have to pay Annual Contract £58.75!!??!? i wont pay like that. just change my adsl home surf to Broadband 1Mb thats all i want.

im grateful if anyone help me to change for me.

let me know please.


price for adsl.....

Done. its great 1mb and £14.99 is fantastic. Cheesy is better than other ISP!!! Cheesy