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poor speed procedure?


poor speed procedure?

I have noticed this last couple of days that my speed has been slow mid evening. Is this to be expected. My exchange is newly upgraded so might there be teething problems?
Speed test results off plusnet tuesday, 19:30 download 273kbs (inc. overheads). Tried the MTU tweak, but not sure if it applies as I am using a dsl router through a switch for access.
A console session on the switch indicates:

<ADSL Status>
HW Status : OK
Indication : GOOD
Noise Margin : +33 dB
Attenuation : +40 dB
Transmission Level: +10 dB
Bit Rate : 288kbps/ 576kbps (Upstream/Downstream)

seems to be constant regardless of the speed test result.
Later on that evening, I'm sure after 22:00 speeds where up, about 480kbs.

Now this evening (21:50) they're back down, noticeably slow around 238kbs.
Last night when they were high, I had a download from the plusnet file vault running at a steady 56kB/s, yet tonight same file only (I know its all relative) is only 36kB/s.

Is this how it is? can I initiate any process to get things checked, though looking at my router stats I think any problem lies somewhere between my exchange and plus' servers.

poor speed procedure?

This does looks like an MTU tweak issue. It maybe that the tweak you did has not taken and your MTU is still set at 1500. Also you need to set your RWIN as well, suggested values are MTU1430 & RWIN 13900 (as per Tam's posts on ADSLGUIDE)

Goto here do the tweak test. post the URL of the test result and someone will advise.

poor speed procedure?

OK please bear with me,
where/what is the MTU? i downloaded and ran dr tcp and set the MTU and RWIN figures you've quoted, I did this last night in fact. After reboot the figure was about 309kbs down, nothing was done and it had increased to a respectable speed later on without intervention.
I assume I need to select ethernet in the adaptor settings, hit save, when I run it up again its defaulted to firewire, though i think this is only the program 'default'
Are these settings made to my modem, or do they affect the PC?
Would the speed vary if these were wrong, as opposed to be consistantly down?
Thanks for the help, I fear the shiny BB edge is wearing off a bit for me.

URL of tweak test

Sorry missed that regarding the tweak test:
relating to my connection, all looks OK does it not?
I've changed a few settings, notably:
Window Scaling: OFF
Time Stamping: OFF
Selective Acks: ON
These were all previously set to default.
Is it necessary to reboot after changing these, is it a power down, router?pc or 'soft' reset?
Anyway, time will tell . . .

poor speed procedure?

Although the settings look correct something is not quite right. Your RTT (round trip time) and data transmit time are typically twice what I'm getting. If I do the test i'm getting a transfer rate of 368kbits/sec.

Guess this must be a latency problem. Try doing a tracert to the site to see where your getting high lags.

poor speed procedure?

OK, heres a traceroute:
Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms
2 29 ms 29 ms 28 ms []

3 30 ms 31 ms 31 ms []
4 31 ms 30 ms 32 ms

5 37 ms 36 ms 37 ms [212.159.
6 38 ms 37 ms 36 ms vlan26, []
7 35 ms 38 ms 36 ms []
8 40 ms 38 ms 39 ms []

Trace complete.
all look, not bad in isolation, but are these OK?
What realistically can I expect to get on download.
Perhaps my newly upgraded exchange/ line has now started to have a greater up take on it, and more of the 50 other contenders are on too

poor speed procedure?

Yep they look fine. Maybe it is contention ,although I would doubt it if its newly enabled exchange. My speeds and downloads never vary much just done a test and got following:

Downstream 478 Kbps (59.8 KB/sec) 516 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 246 Kbps (30.8 KB/sec) 265 Kbps (inc. overheads)

i guess from your tracert your using a router. No one else doing a big download on another PC whilst you've been testing?

May be worth posting what modem/router your using as someone may may have experienced similar issues and found the solution

poor speed procedure?

Speeds this morning are fine, 492kbs at 07:08
Router was bought on ebay, doesn't seem to be branded, other than 'ADSL router AR11'. I know a guy (whos on another exchange) using a fairly similar set-up so I'll sheck with him.
Console session to the router, any time I checked has given the connection figures as Good, as given in the initial post.
This obviously only indicates my speed to whatever is on the other end of my line, but does it not also suggest that the setting is fine.
Perhaps with the novelty of a newly enabled exchange, more users are playing about with it.
At what point is the bitrate unacceptable under my toc with plusnet, or can I do nothing about slow periods?
Thanks for persisting

poor speed procedure?

This could be exchange teething problems.

However, to be able to get this investigated quickly, you would need the usernames of 10 people on your exchange, all having the same issue.

This is what +net have said in the past, however, I do not know if they all need to be from the same ISP. I should hope not, as those 10 names are on the same equipment regardless of ISP, sounds like a issue.

However, this doesn't rule out your own equipment. Some1 may sugest some other tests for this.

You may wish to check it is not your splitters and/or filters causing the issue. These are famous for this.

poor speed procedure?

OK as regards the splitters, if they're not right (they're very simple - not much to go wrong) surely if they weren't right the bit rate would be permanently low, or certainly little variation in effect. Same would apply if it was equipment fault/ setup.
It either works or it doesn't. I'm starting to think this is the way it is/ will be.
Is there any point reporting it to Plus? It seems to me I only get a poor bit rate at what you might reasonably expect to be peak times.
Bit to coincidental I think. I intend to monitor it.
Perhaps its a plusnet thing? They are the one of the best vfm, so are they attracting (possibily) too many new users?

poor speed procedure?

Take a look at THIS page.

It clearly shows there is plently of play in the amount of bandwisth available.

As for splitters. Yes, they are pretty simple devices, however, the simplest thing can a lot of the time be the easiest to go wrong. I would sugest refering over to ADSL Guide. There are loads of stories about filters going bust.

It may be that the filter is totaly broken or partialy broken. Just because you think it is doign it's job, doesn't allways mean it is.

This is only one of the first thing +net will blame it on, as noted, it's very common for them to be broken.

poor speed procedure?

You can check the splitters by removing them completely and make sure the phone is not used when performing tests.

Everything should be fine without splitters assuming you don't have a poor quality line.


poor speed procedure?

done all that just now (20:00)
first understand I have 2 extensions off my master, 1 in bedroom, 1 here at PC. Micro filter is fitted at both sockets. PC is connected to the end socket, all sockets wired in parrallel (daisy chained).
with no microfilter - 167.5kbs
straight into master, eliminating my cabling, master socket is about 10ft from pc 'as the crow flies' - 178.1kbs
removing faceplte and straight onto BT line (negating any shunt effect of my cabling) - 183.3kbs
tried again on original setup, through my cabling and microfilters - 220.1kbs.

in between and after these tests (but not during) console session to router shows:
288/576 kbs upstream/downstream
+34dB noise margin (very acceptable I think)
attenuation set at +40dB (indicating a good path to exchange I think)
What now, say I ring plus, will they do anything?
I cant think what else I should do, unless there is some other router setting I haven't got right, though I'd think this would have a constant effect.
any thoughts?
I'll try anything to get the shine back on.
Its still miles and miles better than 56k