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pointing sub-domain at my home computer


pointing sub-domain at my home computer

I have diverted a sub-domain of my domain name to point here, home at my fixed IP number, as explained in the help tutorials.

The next problem is to figure out how to run a web-server & mail server on one of the two machines which sit on the other side of my DG814 router.

Would the Microsoft Personal Webserver do this job?

Has anyone managed to do this and can advise, please?


Paul Welbank
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pointing sub-domain at my home computer

You simply need to forward the necessary ports on your router 80 for http and 25 for SMTP to your machine.

Ive never really used the personal webserver, but I have used IIS which isnt very good so I imagine that isnt either. I'd recommend apache server as a webserver. Version 2 for Windows is pretty good.