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plusnet very slow updating details!!

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Registered: 26-08-2007

plusnet very slow updating details!!

my broadband is now on and has been since friday just gone,just checked under move my broadband and it says this-

Checking your line Sorry - we found a problem whilst checking your telephone line.

Our support team will now make more checks and email you as soon as possible.

so it looks to me that update need to do a bit of a update on my acc dont you.makes you wonder about the original problem i had with the "move my broadband"
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plusnet very slow updating details!!

It will be updated once then get final confirmation from BT which can often lag behind the actual activation.

May be worth raising a ticker so PN can check with BT.

Note: the lack of an update does not stop you using the connection.
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plusnet very slow updating details!!

I've just asked our Provisioning Team to chase up on this one for you.