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plusnet real core values


plusnet real core values

Here we go! plusnet turning around and around a technical problem, but never resolving it!

After plusnet avoided for more than 3 months sending a BT broadband engineer to test my line, an engineer came and tested that my phone line and data transfer were perfect. It was the BT Openreach line engineer who called a BT Openreach broadband engineer, as he could not reconcile how my phone line was perfectly working, while my broadband/internet connection was dead, even with his router. The broadband engineer confirmed that data were being transferred at expected speed. He advised synchronization as the next step, as a plusnet guy. Now, plusnet don’t want to implement the next logical step: synchronization of my system!

plusnet took over 6 weeks to ask me if they could downgrade my broadband system from a 8Mb upgrade with an independent LLU supplier (I think Tiscali) back to the previous speed/system/supplier (?) So far, they have denied acknowledging that my dead broadband connection was due to a failed 8Mb upgrade and, far more, to resolve and spend for their damages.

These 2 BT Openreach engineers did some efforts because plusnet have just been acquired by BT, but soon BT Openreach will be become exhausted of plusnet mess and unwillingness to handle technical issues.

I emphasize with the very few good, smart, hard-working guys, who accidentally work at plusnet, understand technical problems and are more than willing to resolve them. But these honest guys have to work with a majority of better-fitting guys, who share plusnet core values: inefficiency, cheating, laziness, rigidity, greediness and impotence.

My dead broadband connection results from a badly planned and implemented upgrade. plusnet are unwilling to acknowledge it and to take all appropriate steps to put back my broadband connection. plusnet turn around and around issues and problems, but never resolve them, in agreement with their “core values”, but not in compliance to their terms and conditions.
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plusnet real core values

You are very, very quickly heading for a ban from these forums. I will be bringing this post to the attention of the moderators. I have been trying to help you but I am rapidly losing patience with your attitude.
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plusnet real core values

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