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N/A slow today ?

Just noticed 2 things, Surf speed & downloading is down to crawl, and have changed there dns

Primary DNS Server:
Secondary DNS Server:

I'm showing as that.
N/A slow today ?


The problem you are having should not be caused by DNS servers, if you have a read of this should help you get to the source of the problem. However if the speed problem still persists after following the advise of the said webpage please complete the tests at the bottom of the page and paste the results into a "Contact Us" ticket and we will look into this for you.
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Registered: 30-07-2007 slow today ?

There are 2 sets of DNS servers and the ones assigned depend on where your ADSL terminates: telehouse north or east:

East : &

North: &

DNS issues

I have just caught this thread and would ask how do you now whether you are Telehouse north or East.
BTW I have DNS issues ( cannot find page errors even when going to plusnet home page.. Therefore I thought I better look to see the best server)

Thanks Paul
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Registered: 30-07-2007 slow today ? will tell you which one you are connected to. Wait for the page to show as it can take a while sometimes.
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I have just done the speed test and got -
PlusNet Speed Test

Your current speed is:


Which means you can download at 114.44 KB/sec. from our servers. Our results show that your current speed is below the level we would expect for your product

I have also done the ADSL guide one and got-

Downstream 502 Kbps (62.8 KB/sec) 542 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 245 Kbps (30.6 KB/sec) 264 Kbps (inc. overheads)

'Actual Speed' is the amount of useful data that your connection can transmit/receive per second. The 'True Speed' figure includes an approximation of data overheads (non-useful data) and is estimated to be around 8%. 'True Speed' is for informational purposes only and is not used in any ISP rankings.

NOTE: Your downstream speed result is very low for the type of connection specified (ADSL/RADSL, 1Mbps). We strongly recommend that you check your Internet connection is not being used elsewhere during the test and/or contact your ISP to resolve speed issues you may be experiencing

Whichever is right, the reason I did them is that my internet speed is at present diabolical. It's slower than when I was on dial up and used to get about 41.000 bps. WHY? My wireless network connection is showing signal strength excellent, speed 11.0 Mbps.

And please don't refer me to the "tweak" pages, as I have read these a dozen times in the past, and it may as well be in greek. I am not technically minded and don't know how to go about altering anything. But why is it sometimes a good, respectable speed, and then other times, (unfortunately most times) damned pathetic? Evil
N/A slow today ?

out of intrest, got WEP enabled on your wireless router? its possible that a neighbour is stealing some bandwidth from your connection
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I'm afraid I wouldn't know a WEP if it slapped me in the face, a computer technician set up my wireless router for me, and it is on a secure network with firewall etc. that's about all I can tell you. It is highly unlikely in any event that a neighbour could be using my connection, unless the range of these things is phenominal - all my immediate neighbours are OAPs and wouldn't know how to switch on a computer. let alone use the internet.

It still seems to me to be like problems I experienced when I was on a 56k modem with another company - a contention ratio issue. Whenever there were a lot of users online at the peak periods (ie evenings from 5pm to 10pm) the speed slowed right down, but during the daytime was no problem. Maybe barking up the wrong tree entirely, but that's what it appears to me to be.