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please help


please help

hi all can you please help me im wanting to cancel my monthly contract with plusnet how do i go about it as ive had enough Cry

please help

To cancel, go to the Help and Support page. (Tab above)

Then click "Account Management" under the "Customer Service and Billing" heading.

Choose option 5 - "Cancel My Product" and follow the prompts.

You can request a MAC, which when used, will automatically cease your account. Alternatively you can request a cease, which will terminate your account after 30 days.

Sorry to hear you are leaving.

please help

thank you very much for your reply im sorry im leaving aswell plusnet have just went to the dogs the last 6 months or so Cry

please help

Well, I could tell you about 'exciting changes' which are coming up to improve the customer experience, but I suspect that you've heard most of it before, and have lost the faith already - so I won't. Wink

Good luck with whichever ISP you choose.

please help

thank you ive requested my mac code band im currently looking at isps tho theres so many to choose from hehe can anyone recommened any to me Wink

please help

has anyone went with supanet broadband and free telephone calls for 23.99 a month sounds good what do you guys think

Broadband Total Anytime
This bundle contains the following items:

Talk 300
Broadband Total
Technical specifications
Daytime calls: Free
Evening calls: Free
Weekend calls: Free
Speed: Up to 8 Mb
Inclusive bandwidth: Unlimited
Modem and connection: Included
Extra cost per GB: N/A
Webspace: 20MB
Email addresses: 5
Attachment size: 5MB
Price per month: £23.99
Set up charge: Free
Contract length: 12 months
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please help


please help

nope they are still around here and if you look at adslguide and compare a few isps they come up trumps Wink

please help

I particularly like the part of their T's and C's where they say
10.13.3 [you] are responsible for providing, paying for and complying
with the conditions applicable to, an appropriate
telecommunications connection provided by the Telecom
Provider and you agree that you will not block any
means of identifying you which that connection supplies;

Does that mean ex-directory users cannot subscribe?

I also quite like

18.3 T echnical Support does not include support for the following:
· Support of third party hardware (including but not limited
to Third Party Modems) or software (ie hardware or soft
ware supplied to you by manufacturer's and/or suppliers
other than Supanet.
· Apple Mac PC's
· Routers, switchboards, pbx or networks through which
you may access the Service

Some of which PN don't officially support, but will always have a good go at!

This bit is good too:

10.11 The web space provided to you as part of the Service
cannot be linked to a third party (i.e. domain
name, and does not provide functions such as CGI scripts or
access logs. The Support Service Supanet provides does not
extend to the provision of support for HTML authoring or web
page design

So you have to register any domains with them, rather than using a low cost registrar? Plus no CGI etc.

I also found reference to a £60 cancellation fee if it doesn't work out and you decide to leave within 12mths.
Also if you move house, you are comitted to a new 12mth contract.

I guess its horses for courses, and if it looks good to you, then go ahead, but there are quite a few other bits which I'd be wary of if it were me.

EDIT: Should've known to check out Kitz's site first.
Here's the link and here is something published on the comparision page.


In the past Supanet have blatantly advertised no caps yet there have been many reports of users speeds being throttled to unacceptable speeds. P2P ports are blocked/throttled - 119 and reports of bad speeds are rife.

Update Oct 05. Supanet have now introduced accounts with fixed caps and one account advertised as Unlimited* - note the asterisk. I cant find anything on their site regarding a FUP, but in view of past history I would still be cautious.

Perhaps more cause for concern.

please help

Well, I could tell you about 'exciting changes' which are coming up to improve the customer experience, but I suspect that you've heard most of it before, and have lost the faith already - so I won't.

I'd love to hear about these 'exciting changes' - as good as the marvellous experience so many of have had since the LLU upgrade?
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please help

I must admit, I find myself viewing the forums here as my broadband connection has been lost. I'm using my neighbours reliable BT connection.

Like the OP, I'm now thinking of calling it a day, after quite a while. The phrase used was 'gone to the dogs'. I'm afraid I'm inclined to agree.

First we were getting limits, then no limits, then we get limits again? Then the upgrade fiasco and the mail Link:censored. It's all beginning to look like poor value for money.

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please help

well i said supanet where one option im sure theres a few more isps that are way better than plusnet and supanet im actualy very surprised that i got my mac code with no problems today only applied for it 2 days ago so at least that was good im very sorry to leaving what use to be one of the best isps out there but have just recently went to the dogs Cry