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At the moment my websites are peforming evry bit as badly as Btinternets original site I used. That is the system is behaving like a 56K modem support system and just not delivering the goods under high demand or ADSL conditions.

I am glad to see that Plusnet have identified the problem and are fixing it.

The problem seems also to affect updates which are appallingly slow by FTP. The technical operator blamed my use of DSreamweaver and that too made me very unhappy since it is the most used design tool for pro sites and should work perfectly with the Plusnet servers. If not Plusnet should address the problem.

I still thin Plusnet is over selling badnwidth as at peak times I find the website very slow, unacceptably so.

I shall be moving services and ISP and expecting co-operation from plusnet to terminate existing ADSL contracts if these items are not resolved soon. I cannot provide a serious business service to my customers with this sort of system problem continuing.

Has anyone else a view on this and on who provides good ADSL support for hosting (ie reasonable cost, well supported and good bandwidth).