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pci vs usb -online gaming


pci vs usb -online gaming

Being a newbie to broadband, i would like to ask if there any discernable advantage using a pci modem over a usb modem when gaming online?

I have connected using the supplied Binatone usb modem that came with the £24.99 package and I am pleased with it, i ping around 30ish when playing Call of Duty online. Having transferrred from 56k dial up and getting pings of around 250, you can imagine my glee.!

I have read somewhere that pci modems are faster BUT is the difference noticeable? Would it reduce pings even further? Is it worth the extra £30? Has anyone had any experience using both.

Any help would be appreciated- thanks.

Jason Cheesy
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pci vs usb -online gaming

They are both exactly the same speed. Both PCI and USB can transfer data faster that the actual ADSL link speed so you will not see any difference with them. Ping times are more determined by the network latencies (traffic between you and the server being pinged) than the physical connection method (USB or PCI).

How much actual CPU resources are necessary may be different but this really depends on how good the drivers are and how much work the hardware does.

Also the reliability or compatibility of the connection may differ if the USB modem get's it's power from the USB port as some mobos cannot supply enough power or have hardware / driver compatibility issues.

So it is not just speed you need to consider.

The ideal (to me) setup is an external adsl modem/router with an Ethernet/lan connection to the PC. This way a lot of the work is done external to the PC so it can spend it's CPU time running the game.

pci vs usb

Thanks for that Peter.

From what youve said, ill stick with my USB modem since it works fine and had no trouble installing it. (If it works, don`t mess with it!).

A friend had plusnet adsl installed a few days after me using a pci modem (for the reasons mentioned earlier). During the installation, something must have gone wrong and he could not get back into windows (Millenium) even in safe mode. After trying various solutions he had to format/reinstall loosing some family photos that he had not backed up.! He did connect eventually but not before loosing all his data.