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outlookexpress dialer & broadband


outlookexpress dialer & broadband

hi everbody hope somone out there can help.

Does any body know will the dialer in outlook express included in windows xp work with broadband adsl if it does will sombody tell me how. i havnt used it for quite somtime now i use it when i had a 56 k modem in windows 98 . evertime i try to connect to a phone it gives an eroor message like , wrong number or device does not exist why .?

i dont know much about these broadband line as i understand it they are split into two one half for the internet the other half for the telephone so both can be use at the same time. So when i try to connect to a clients phone does it try to connect to the telephone side of the line or can it go out through the internet side of things , i dont know. please help do i need extra connection or what?

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outlookexpress dialer & broadband

As you correctly say ADSL uses a totally different set of frequencies on your phone line from the normal telephone signals.
There is no way that you can make the ADSL modem "dial out" as is required for use by the phone dialer software.

What you would have to do is to install a 56k modem in your machine to cater for this task.
You can do this without is affecting the ADSL working of your PC and infact I have this setup so that I can send fax messages at the same time as I am connected via ADSL.

outlookexpress dialer & broadband

You shouldnt be dialing anyway just use the broadband. You set IE to never dial a connection and if needs be set Outlook up the same.

In Outlook choose tools/options/connection disable the dialup and choose the change which then lets you set up IE make sure that is set to never dial and that should do it.