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onspeed is it any good?


onspeed is it any good?

Looking on the internet I found a piece of software called onspeed which apparentley quickens up your speed up to 5 times faster. Now Im on 512 adsl and I can't get 1 or 2mbit so I was wondering if this might be another way for me to get a better speed for a decent price (24 quid a year) but I do download large files from irc will it quicken up those downloads. Any advice would be most welcome. Cheesy
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onspeed is it any good?

See this thread where the same question was asked.

No idea if it has any effect on irc base downloads. I suspect it may just be a web cache supplying compressed images. Most large downloads will be ziped/compressed anyway so there is no way to make them any smaller and thus quicker for you to download.

Look at the features in detail before committing funds to it, those I have spoken to have not found much of an inprovement as net latency can have a big effect on overall throughput.

Often question have been asked before so a quick search can usually find an answer.


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onspeed is it any good?

See their homepage, it compresses on the fly pages like html and txt it recrompresses gifs, jpg's to lower qualities, it does not touch exe or compressed files as these are already as compressed as you are going to get.
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onspeed is it any good?

Hi there,

I have tried it out as i download a lot of pdf files and it ceratinly speeds those up. Browsing is a bit faster as well as most web pages are comprised of text and pictures.

It appears to work as a form of proxy server with the link from your machine to theirs using compression on text and pictures. As the above post said, .exe files are not helped.

What I have found though is that there is some form of caching going on as my disc is working overtime during downloads and some of the pages are old versions. I emailed Onspeed and they denied using any form of caching.

Bottom line: speeds up browsing a bit and good for downloading pdfs. Borderline if its worth £24 a year.

Cheers, Mike