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nothing for 8mb


nothing for 8mb

hi sir/madam,

i used 2mb before, i setup for upgrate to 8mb(, i got email from you ( that it say 'Thank you for choosing PlusNet Broadband Plus up to 8Mb (Monthly Contract, No Modem) as your new account!' , so i setup online but it still 2mb? not 8mb! i thought may tomorrow or few days time? it should today but......

i got Zoom 5510A modem (it can use up to 8mb).

im grateful if you let me know.

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nothing for 8mb

Hi there
we have all recieved that email and its taking BT some time to upgrade everyone as its not something that can be done all at one time

There are many questions and answers including your own about the maxdsl upgrades if you browse through the community support posts