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no sync light


no sync light

I'm new to adsl - my line was supposed to be connected to adsl today, but the routermodemthingy sync light doesn't show - how can i test whether the problem is the lines or modem?
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no sync light

Have you been told by PlusNet you have been activated. If not, wait until they tell you - sometimes BT do it early, sometimes they are late. Once you know it is activated you can test and investigate further. You are probably wasting your time beforehand.

If you still have a problem after activation, check the following tutorials:

ADSL: Wiring and Filters to check you have it and all your phones wired correctly and

ADSL: Trouble Shooting.

Also check out the trobleshooting pages via the customer support link on the bottom left.

When asking for help please supply details of the ADSL equipment you are using and some details about your PC so we know what you are using.


Peter Cool