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no connection again


no connection again

Just wana know if anyone has the same problem....

I been having connection problem yesterday morning until now. I used Voyager 105 modem. I got the power light on, but DSL light.. blink all the time. (means cannot get a stable DSL?)

I called plusnet technical support and it might be BT line, so I called BT they say its Plusnet.... going round in circle here.

anyone has the same problem? I live in East Ham, London.

going to write bad review about plusnet all over the internet =P

no connection again

Hi there,

Loss of synch, which is what it appears is the problem here, is not down to Plus Net. This is purely a BT issue between your premises and the BT exchange.

It is an ADSL issue and as such has to be dealt with by by BT Wholesale. Plus Net would or should have asked you to contact BT Retail to have the voice side of your line checked for faults. If that has been done and no fault has been found then its on to the next stage in the process.

Loss of synch can be caused by dodgy or failed adsl filters, poor internal wiring, and line faults.

If you havent already done so, check out these tutorials

ADSL Troubleshooting
Wiring and Filters

for help and advice in diagnosing and progressing your fault.

If you have any queries, post back and we'll see how we can help.

Good luck.