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newb alert


newb alert


ive signed up for account and was contacted by BT this morning to inform me that my adsl line was now enabled Smiley

ive not had any confirmation from plusnet yet and am v eager to try out my netgear adsl modem router firewall harware.

could someone give me the idiot guide to getting this set up pls.

ive installed a network card in the box and connected the filters and neatgear box.but when i try and connect with my old 56k modem i get write errors to drive C:/

ne ideas

newb alert

Which operating system are you using (which version of Windows)?

With the router powered up, reboot your PC, start a dial-up connection and then enter the command ipconfig /all (on a Windows NT/2000/XP system) or winipcfg (on a Windows 95/98/Me system). What is the output from the command?

Presumably, you get the same error message regardless of whether the network card has the cable attached or disconnected?

Does "Device Manager" show any conflicts?

Is anything significant recorded in the event logs?

Which Netgear router are you talking about?