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new to 1mbs quick query


new to 1mbs quick query

hi, just logged on this morning ti find that i am now 1.1mbs servcie customer (dont get me wrong i ordered it Cheesy )
I havent recived any emails off plusnet today though.
I notice that there should be at least one off you saying the upgrade is complete. Also do i need to tweak anything? According to the adsl speed test i am currently getting
Downstream 908 Kbps (113.5 KB/sec) 980 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 243 Kbps (30.4 KB/sec) 262 Kbps (inc. overheads)

and the plusnet
Your current speed is:
Which means you can download at 115.56 KB/sec. from our servers

Sigh , which i now realise is a lot better than when i first tested it ten minutes ago. I was getting low 800 in the adsl test .
The speeds though, are good, arent they?
Sigh it always happens doesnt it, you see something wrong the go ask and it fixes itself

new to 1mbs quick query

These are both good speed test results. Unless you want to get the real best out fo the connection, with a possible risk of speed loss, then you could tweak.

I wouldn't bother though.

Upgrades take place in thet BT complete the work, and then inform PlusNet after.

IIRC, depending on how your order was submitted, PlusNet will sned the notice out soon enough (possibly monday) and take payment for the time that BT said the upgrade was complete, until the end of your billing period (the differenace in prices, rather than full amount. AKA, should not be over £8 ish)

new to 1mbs quick query

thanks Smiley