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new speeds


new speeds

good morning all....please could anybody tell me what speeds and when things are going to change....

I'm on up 2 8mb annual contract costing 39.99/month
I'm recieving 2mb(245 kbs)

When will i start recieving the promised up 2 24 mb

Many thanks

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new speeds

1) When your exchange supports LLU fom Tiscali (or whomever PN also get LLU from in the future) (MaxDSL from BT only goes up to 8Mbs)
2) When PN move you to LLU

When either will happen is unknown at this time. It's even possible your exchange may never have LLU installed by Tiscali or other suppliers in which case you will be limited to up to 8Mbs.

What exchanges Tiscali are in and are planned to be in has not been released yet.

new speeds

basicaly stop paying for what you cant get and pay for 2mbit.