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new ADSL connection and Microsoft Small Business Server 2000


new ADSL connection and Microsoft Small Business Server 2000

Hi there,
Does anyone have any experience of above?

We have ordered 1Mb ADSL self install from PlusNet with ethernet modem/router and would very much like advice as to the best way of installing it on SBS2000.

Our main requirement is Internet access for the office staff but we would also like to use it for VPN access to our server for our out-of-office employees and to get rid of current IDSN dial-up connection to collect and send internet email.

Any advice or suggestions of other helpful sources of information would be much appreciated.


small business server adsl

I am in the process of setting up adsl with sbserver - and I have to admit I am struggling to find any good support /advice (as usual with sbserver). So far I am stuck as too how to configure ip addresses for external network card and router (netgear dg814). Will keep you informed of progress.

new ADSL connection and Microsoft Small Business Server 2000

Bin there done that.

First of all you cant run VPN as that router has known problems with it. I got around it by using terminal server so employees dial into any ISP and then use terminal server to log onto the network and read their mail etc. They can copy and paste to the local pc if required using rdclip. It also means you can admin the server from home and print out letters to a printer in work. All you have to do is port forward to the server.

This works great and it lets them dial in on a 56k modem and then surf on the terminal server at adsl speeds.

If you want to give everyone internet access simple set there default gate way to the adress of the router. You could use a proxy server if you wanted to block sites etc.

I have done a few of these setups so email me if your stuck

new ADSL connection and Microsoft Small Business Server 2000

Hi There

Can't help directly with SBServer.... My favourite support forum for all matters Microsoft related is, look for the Lounge, sign yourself up for free and off you go. This is not a MS site and so you tend to get un-biased advice from a worldwide audiance of folks with real world experience. The search facility on this site has been down for a while now, if you do decided to join, just find the relevant forum and post your question. Someone will point you at any previouds threads that may be helpful.