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netgear 834g port forwarding


netgear 834g port forwarding

hi all

had to buy a new netgear router 834g as the old one blow up. I have set up port forwarding for http port 80 this seems to be working fine for external users.

but on my local lan when i try to it brings up the router login screen, any one have any ideas what might be causing this.



netgear 834g port forwarding

This is very common in routers for this to happen.

When you try to connect to either your routers LAN IP or WAN IP from within the LAN, they will often either display the router configuration, or display nothing.

Most are not clever enough to deal with the port forwarding from within the network.
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netgear 834g port forwarding

Solution, edit your hosts file on Windows (search for hosts) and add the local IP address of the webserver e.g.

The DG834 get's confused if you try and use the IP address of it's WAN side (your Plusnet IP) from within your local network. The above solves this.