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net work problem


net work problem

can anyone help me? I have connected two computers through an hub into the router and onto broadband that makes it a network (I think) but should each computer be able to look at the others shared folders. Both computers can go on line independantly or at the same time, it's great, but they cant talk to one an other and thats what I require. Any help would be much appreciated.

net work problem

if you are using XP you shuld be able to set the internet connection sharing on it to let the two talk to each other. try using the files and settings transfer wizard which should allow you the access to each computers files.

net work problem

Neither of these features of XP will help you get net a network setup. One is to transfer old settings and files used by 98, the other is to turn the other computer into a basic router.

In XP, it is pretty simple.

Goto control panel, and select "Network connections". In here, on the left, you will find a small link titled "Set up a home or small office network".

This should take you through the process on enabling the right settings, and correct names.

You need to make sure you use the same "Workgroup" name for bnoth system, though names must be different. I would sugest one of the two defaut values MS use "MSHome" and "WORKGROUP".

In 98, you need to goto control panel, then "networking".

In here, amke sure "Client for Mircrosoft networks" is listed (if not, you can add this), and "File and printer sharing" (again, you can add this).

In the "File and Printer sharing" button, you then make sure both are ticked.

In "Identity" at the top, again, both computers need the same Workgroup name, and diffferent computer names.

You will need to restart the system.

This should allow you to share files and folders. Which can be done on a folders property screen.
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net work problem

To make sure that the computers can see each other you will need to have set up your drives or files to be shared on each machine.

Right click on networking and if you havent already then click the File and Print Sharing button.
It will very likely ask for the windows Cd . do this on each machine.

Then open My computer from the desktop and click on one of your drives to highlight it. Then click on File. You should then get a dropdown box with an option called sharing in it.
Click on sharing and it will ask you if you want to share this drive / file and what you want it to be known as. Also if you want it read only etc.

Once you have done all this each computer should see the others files.